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by Rand McNally


The Scariest Haunt in Chattanooga

Ordinary haunted houses have monsters, ghosts, and special effects, but the Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern has a story and characters that add an extra level of fear. The story changes every year, ensuring that even repeat visitors get a good scare. Read this year's story below and get ready to experience a unique type of terror not found at ordinary haunted houses.


Character Profiles




Thadeus Krane, once a billionaire, has spent his life and fortune on ways to beat death. Now rumored to be over 130 years old, his time is running out. Due to depleted funds, Krane was forced to move his experimentation facilities into one of his abandoned businesses, the legendary Krane Toy Factory.  

Krane's team of world-renowned scientists are long gone and now he is forced to rely on the abilities of back alley geneticists and his team of NecroEngineers. His desperation led him to send his "Defex" (past failed experiments) into the world; the Defex gather the raw materials needed to continue research and see Krane's nightmarish vision through. 

The Defex scour the area raiding morgues, cemeteries, and hospitals and drag or even lure fresh, live specimens back to the Toy Factory. The live specimens are taken to 'The Pit' to await their time of experimentation. "DEATH IS NOT AN OPTION..." according to Thadeus Krane - "No matter how many lives it costs to ensure my body forges on another day."


Thadeus Krane

Billionaire Madman hell bend on living forever

"Death is not an Option"


Director Luther Ricktoffen

Due to his former practices, Dr. Ricktoffen lost his medical license but fortunately Thadeus Krane has little concern over medical license. 

"Just because it's dead doesn't mean it's not useful..."


Doctor Inga Druganov

Sought after for genetics background; Inga became an invaluable asset to Krane's research and with Krane's support her experimentations had no boundaries. 

2013 Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Druganov

"There is no gene pool unless it has been manipulated by me."


Nurse Delphine LeLaurie

A lifetime of enjoying the torturing and experimentation on her patients led her to become Thadeus Krane's personal nurse. Under his employ her impulses to create agony for her pleasure seem to go unnoticed. 

 2013 Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Delphine



Hyde was Krane's first NecroEngineer. When his body began deteriorating due to age; Hyde performed self surgery to replace the failing limbs and organs which eventually drove him made. Krane still finds Hyde useful.  

2013 Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Hyde

"Death is only the beginning"



Inga Druganov's first 'almost' successful experiment in genetics. Tesla is more animal than human and Krane has found him to be a valuable security measure for deterring curious outsiders.  

 2013 Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Tesla


The Watchman

A former head of security of Krane Industries. His uncertain death was avoided when Krane's team salvaged part of what remains of the man. 

"I see all"


Elly Krane

Great granddaughter of Thadeus Krane. After being diagnosed with numerous mental instabilities; she escaped and hid within her grandfather's abandoned Krane Toy Factory. Now she has found delight in all the new "toys" that her grandfather brings her.  

"Rosie is Red - Billy is Blue...Now it's time to play with YOU!"



Hulking brute that was created for chaos and destruction. 



Kandy, Grimshaw and Rags

Elly has three favorite toys - Kandy, Grimshaw, and Rags. Their torture led to an attachment to Elly and now Kandy, Grimshaw and Rags dwell and play with all of Elly's new toys.

2013 Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Grimshaw 2013 Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Rags
Grimshaw: "Your screams will end with my laughter!" Rags: "It will only hurt for a short time"


2013 Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Kandy

Kandy: "Torture makes me so happy"



A horrible defect from the earlier experiments but has been useful in disposing of leftover raw materials. 

2013 Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Pidge




One experiment got away. Flee escaped yet remained within the Toy Factory. A mere homeless vagabond that eludes Krane's dog soldiers. 

"can't catch me... can't catch me... can't catch meee..."



Lead Slaughterjack

 2013 Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Cog



A loyal dog soldier that after experimentation fell dead, but upon tossing him into the boiler, the flames ignited his body and brought him back from the darkness. Now Skortch is scarred and mangled from the fire but he believes the fire is what keeps him alive.

2013 Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Scortch

"Burn Baby Burnnnn!"



After years of surviving tortuous experimentation, she now wishes to bring this joy to others.

2013 Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Custody

"Sweet Sweet Suffering..."



Corpse scavengers for Krane



Dog Soldiers

Krane's security force made up of experiments loyal to Krane

 2013 Ruby Falls Haunted Cavern - Dogs



Some of the dregs of society that have been useful to Krane's experimentation. Each an experiment in their own right. 




Krane's final security measure. 




Krane's defects that have proven useful in corralling more victims for Krane's Dog Soldiers.